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"The race created when the atom went wrong"

"Listen, and be warned," the voice blared. "In the hills of California, hidden from society, is a a colony of—the inhuman!"
Children of the Atom by Wilmar H. Shuras
"Remarkable... Written with insight and conviction."
- Psychiatric Quarterly

AVON Publications, © 1949, 1949, 1950, Street & Smith Publications, 1953 Wilmar H. Shiras

CONELRAD was founded in April, 1999 by two Cold War civilian veterans (Ken Sitz and Bill Geerhart) and a retired United States Air Force captain, Curtis Samson (who is still waiting on his Cold War service medal from the Pentagon). Each amazed the other one night at a dinner party by mentioning Atomic Culture books the other had never heard of (THE DAY AFTER WORLD WAR III by Edward Zuckerman being just one of many titles bandied about). CONELRAD the site was born as a means to share all the strangeness that this lengthy and tumultous era produced.

Headed for Disaster times three...
Ken Sitz, Creative Director for the site, is a pop music historian who was a featured interviewee in Re/Search Publications INCREDIBLY STRANGE MUSIC VOL. II published in 1994. In addition to designing CONELRAD, Ken is hard at work on an upcoming feature entitled "Nuclear Pornography" which we have a feeling you'll come back for.

Editor Bill Geerhart is celebrating his tenth year of lacking health insurance and working as a temp for various Fortune 500 corporations. In addition to putting the finishing touches on a CONELRAD travelogue through a congressional fallout shelter, Bill is hard at work co-directing a documentary on downtown Los Angeles eccentrics.

It's Here. The Atomic Train!

Publisher Curtis Samson is the man most responsible for what will certainly be CONELRAD's most debated feature, The CONELRAD 100. Curtis, a devout film buff, spent many hours researching, assembling and tweaking the list which is now presented for your electronic perusal. Curtis will also be working on CONELRAD's forthcoming Atomic Pulp book section.

Kindred spirits who have given aid and comfort and their talent during this transitional period include Tim Goldsmith, Bennett Z. Kobb and Cary O'Dell.

CONELRAD welcomes ideas, suggestions and obscure trivia, so join the Ground Observers Corps today!

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