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CONELRAD: Atomic Platters | Lowell Blanchard with the Valley Trio | Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb [1950]
Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security
Lowell Blanchard
Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb: Lowell Blanchard with the Valley Trio
Lyrics by Lee V. McCullum
Back-Up musicians unknown, but Red Rector is suspected by some country music scholars to have provided the mandolin solo
Recorded: April, 1950

Lowell Blanchard was an Illinois native who, for years, hosted WNOX's (Knoxville, TN) famed country showcase Mid-Day Merry-Go-Round.

Everybody's worried 'bout the Atomic Bomb, but nobody's worried 'bout the day my Lord will come when He'll hit—Great God Almighty—like an Atom Bomb when He comes, when He comes.

In nineteen-hundred and forty-five the Atom Bomb became alive. In nineteen-hundred and forty-nine, the USA got mighty wise: They found a country across the line that had an Atom Bomb—the very same kind. The people got worried all over the land, just like folks got in Japan.

Refrain/Mandolin Instrumental

Well God told Elijah he would send down fire, send down fire from on high. He told a brother he'd know the rainbow sign—there'd be no water, but fire in the sky. Now don't get worried just bear in mind: Seek King Jesus and you shall find peace, happiness and joy devine with my Jesus in your mind.


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