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CONELRAD: Atomic Secrets | The girl, the men, and the atom [1957]
Joyce Myron at the General Electric Vallecitos Atomic Laboratory, Northern California 1957

From the November 18, 1957 LIFE magazine, a full page ad sponsored by America's Independent Electric Light and Power Companies.

CAPTION:Joyce Myron photographed in front of the California atomic-electric power plant being built by Pacific Gas & Electric Company and General Electric. With her are some of the men who operate the plant and the G-E Vallecitos Atomic Laboratory, site of the plant.

The girl, the men, and the atom

One of the happiest girls in the world is Joyce Myron, 18-year-old college student of Drexel Institute of Technology.

She is known across America for her triumphs on TV's "$64,000 Question," where she brilliantly answered questions about the new science of atomic energy. And she has interested millions in the exciting promise of the peaceful atom.

This picture shows Joyce at the scene of one of her TV appearances, an atomic-electric power plant near San Francisco—the first completed among several now being planned and built by electric companies and equipment manufacturers.

With Joyce are engineers and scientists who run the plant and the nearby atomic laboratory. Most are only a few years older than Joyce—members of the new generation that is unlocking door after door to reveal the secrets of atomic energy and harness them to useful purposes.

We salute Joyce Myron and the other young atomic scientists and engineers. Theirs is the privilege of putting the atom to work—for power, for healing, and for other and still unknown services to mankind.

America's Independent Electric Light and Power Companies*

*Company names on request through this magazine

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