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CONELRAD: Atomic Secrets | Selected Excavations and Revelations from the CONELRAD COLLECTION

CONELRAD Special Projects Present ATOMIC SECRETS

One of the true joys of Cold War research is the re-discovery of bizarre tidbits of information or strange images from the era. These long forgotten "secrets" are usually found, among other places, in old government pamphlets, books, news clippings or in musty file cabinets at the National Archives. Over the years CONELRAD has been busy unearthing these buried treasures, washing them off, and generally preparing them for display. We hereby present a selection of these historically significant finds for your edification and/or amusement. We will be adding exciting new entries... forever.

It's no secret...640 and 1240 on your family's radio means Alert Today - Alive Tomorrow! THE PRESIDENT'S VOICE IS MISSING: A special Atomic Secret presented in honor of the 25th anniversary of the premiere broadcast of the 1983 end-of-the-world TV-movie, THE DAY AFTER. [1983]

ATOMIC TATTOO: One of the stranger civil defense measures resorted to during the early Cold War. [1950]

ATOMIC BREAKFAST CLUB: 17-year-old Joan Baez thinks her Palo Alto High School air raid drill is 'unrealistic.' [1958]

THE EISENHOWER TEN: The incoming Kennedy administration was in for a big surprise. [1961]

DUCK & COVER: CONELRAD is pleased to introduce you to the original Duck and Cover kid, Mia Farrow! [1952]

THE GIRL, THE MEN, AND THE ATOM: Atomic TV quiz show winner Joyce Myron visits the frontiersmen of the Peaceful Atom [1957]

ATOMS DOWNTOWN: Consolidated Edison's plans for a nuclear power plant in Queens, NY. [1963]

SERGEI'S SYRACUSE: Mr. Uritsky's cautionary tale of a nightime visit to Upstate New York. [November 12, 1950]

FAITH IN NUMBERS: Just do the math. Robert Dentler and Phillips Cutright, authors of HOSTAGE AMERICA did. [1963]

OUR FRIEND THE ATOM: The thermonuclear synergies of Walt Disney and Heinz Haber. [1956]

LOOK TO THE SKY!: He's safe because there's a GOC volunteer on duty [1953]

WHATEVER THE JOB: Long before Mr. Ridge's helpful advice, Permacel... [1958]

NUCLEAR MINUTEMEN: Do you qualify for RADEF (Radiological Defense)?

IT CAN HAPPEN HERE: Maryland and elsewhere, be prepared.

BUFFALO BLITZ: Another good reason to listen to CONELRAD. [July 20, 1956]

BELTWAY DOWNWINDERS: We're all downwinders. From "What You Should Know About Radioactive Fallout" [FCDA 1956]

GROUND ZERO GAMEBOARD: Mortuary services flowchart. [TM-11-12, 1956]

BIG ENOUGH FOR 17 STORIES: Okay, I get the idea.

IN CASE OF ATTACK: Tune to 640 or 1240 on your AM dial.

MARYLAND, OH MARYLAND: Wailing tone or short blasts for 3 minutes...

MURDER MYSTERY: A lesser known effort by Hugo award winning sci-fi writer Murray Leinster, genre pioneer of "alternate history" who once worked in the Office of War Information. [1946]

GOING POSTAL: Do not send cash. [POD Form 810 - Feb. 1959]

SURVIVOR CAPSULE: Ballistic insurance - cheap at $1.95. Disaster Proof!

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