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CONELRAD: About Us | Our Mission Statement

CONELRAD is the Key

You have tuned into CONELRAD at 640 & 1240 AM on your Internet dial. Please punch this station into your bookmark file and visit us often. For unlike the old CONELRAD, we're available 24/7 and always providing interesting new content. You may be asking yourself what WAS CONELRAD? CONELRAD was the first national Emergency Broadcasting System outlet that was started under President Harry Truman during the early Cold War. CONELRAD was an acronym for CONtrol of Electronic RADiation. The theory behind the original CONELRAD was that if radio stations shifted their broadcast signals between 640 and 1240 it would be more difficult for Soviet bombers to target America's cities. This service was replaced by the less preposterous Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) in 1963. Of course, today we have the Emergency Alert System which emits that odd tone that sounds like a broken fax machine. What IS CONELRAD? CONELRAD is a site devoted to ATOMIC CULTURE past and present but without all the distracting and pedantic polemics.

The end-all five-o-clock shadowCONELRAD is the creation of writers who grew up in the shadow of the BOMB and all its attendant pop culture fallout. We wish to share our collected interest, experience and obsession with this strange era and thereby provide as much information as possible to the public. This is not to say we're living in the past! The Day After Trinity is now and forever more and we will reflect that reality here. From apocalyptic dirty bomb scenarios to the Russians and Chinese reigniting the space race, CONELRAD is always on the Eve of Destruction. Watch our Alert ticker on the top of our main page to stay informed of the latest CONELRAD activity.

Any shadow will offer protection from searing flash.

In addition to our own writing on all things ATOMIC, we aim to provide a comprehensive clearinghouse of atomic links. There is a lot of material out there and we will continue to update this section frequently. Furthermore, we extend an open invitation to those of you out there who share our passion for Atomania to send us your suggestions and submissions.

You are now welcome to open a nice cold can of Emergency Drinking Water and proceed.

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